The Truth About Tigers


India’s National Animal, the tiger, is disappearing at an alarming rate from its forests. Government estimates reveal that there may be fewer than 1500 left. Why have these big cats declined so drastically? What exactly are the problems facing their conservation? And are there any solutions to the crisis? These and many other questions are answered succinctly in ‘The Truth about Tigers’, a pro bono, ‘first-of-its-kind’ educational documentary on tiger conservation. The film also provides useful pointers on how ordinary citizens can contribute towards saving the tiger.

Two years in the making, the film combines stunning footage shot by some of the world’s leading cinematographers (and donated by various production companies and individuals) with deep insights from experts. It takes viewers through the tiger’s life – from birth to death – and illustrates how different human activities impact the survival of this great predator. Renowed English composer David Mitcham contributed music and Internationally acclaimed actor, Roshan Seth, provided the narration.

Produced first in English, the film has now been translated into 5 Indian languages. Over two hundred screenings have taken place around India during the past year and over 25,000 DVDs have been distributed free of cost through an accompanying website.


Producer: Shekar Dattatri
Duration: 40 minutes
Format: 16mm/Various
Country: India
Production Year: 2010

By Jason Peters

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