SOS – Save Our Sholas


This pro bono film, put together mainly from the filmmaker’s 20 year archive and contributions from filmmaker Suresh Elamon, depicts the stunning biodiversity of the rain forests of India’s Western Ghats mountain range, and underlines their tremendous watershed value to hundreds of millions of people in South India. It also shows the devastation caused by mining, dams, plantations and resource extraction on this fragile landscape. Originally produced in English and Hindi, DVDs of the film have been distributed to 10,000 schools across India. Subsequently, the film was also translated into Tamil and is being screened extensively by several NGOs at various fora in South India, to raise public awareness about the vital lifeline provided by the ‘shola’ forests that clothe the southern Western Ghats.

Positive results:

Unknown to date.


Producer: Shekar Dattatri
Duration: 25 minutes
Format: 16mm/MINI DV
Country: India
Production Year:2008

By Jason Peters

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