SAW: This Time, It’s for Real


“It’s the latest installment in the horrifying (but thankfully fictional) SAW movie saga…Or is it? Set against an eerie and remote African landscape, this sadistic killing spree is unlike any other and the helpless victims have nowhere left to hide. Because this time…it’s for real.”

Southern Africa’s rhino’s are disappearing at a rate of approximately 1 every 30 hours. This dire situation has truly become similar to the ruthless killing and bloodshed witnessed in commercial horror movies.

Earth Touch Productions who made this film for the benefit of the Stop Rhino Poaching online campaign, the film objectives include:
” To encourage continued public awareness and support as part of a committed and extensive media drive by
” To rally financial backing from both corporate and private donors, the proceeds of which will be put towards implementing rhino protection projects in South Africa. All donor funding will be managed by members within the Rhino Chamber of Wildlife Ranching South Africa, a non-profit organisation that represents game ranchers as a national body in South Africa.

Positive results:

Unknown to date.


Earthtouch productions.
4 Sunbury Crescent, Sunbury Park, La Lucia Ridge, 4051, South Africa, P O Box 1437, Umhlanga, 4320.

By Jason Peters

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