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Save Our Sharks highlights the terrible price of tradition. Sharks are finned alive for a tasteless soup with no nutritional value. Once the privilege of only the affluent, new wealth in Asia has made shark fin soup more affordable. The high price of fins makes shark fishing very profitable and millions are slaughtered every year. Many species now face extinction. Life on earth relies on the sea. The ocean needs sharks: the killing must stop.
Running time: 6′ 16″

Save Our Sharks – aims to influence the next generation to open their eyes to the devastating cruelty and terrible waste caused by shark finning all in the name of tradition.

Positive results:

Save Our Sharks is part of the Save Our Seas short, ‘sticky’ film campaign. The film delivers a conservation message in a provocative way designed to vividly remain in the mind of the viewer. The film featured during European Shark week and has been shown at several festivals including Wavescape in Cape Town (SA surfer’s festival) and the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan attended by 180,000 people. It won a Panda award at the Wildscreen Film Festival and was part of the Save Our Seas campaign category entry that won a ‘Rocky’ award at Jackson Hole Film Festival.

Save Our Sharks has been provided to WWFHK (Hong Kong) and Wildaid to help with their campaign work. It has been translated into Mandarin for distribution in China.

China has banned shark fin soup at its’ official banquets. Save Our Sharks is part of a collective effort by conservationists that has made a difference in the battle against shark finning. See: China Bans Shark Fin Soup at Official Banquets

The Save Our Seas Foundation hope to continue campaigning with the film to reach as many viewers as possible and change a tradition that is having a serious negative effect on sharks worldwide.


Mandarin Version:
Producer: Caroline Brett –
Director of Hong Kong sequences: Jo Ruxton
Camera: Dan Beecham, Tom Campbell, Dennis Coffman, Alex
Hofford, Paul Menge, Lesley Rochat & Wade Muller
Editor: Alan Miller
Save Our Seas Foundation:

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