New book leads to greater impact in Conservation Filmmaking

ConservationFilmmakingCoverThe new book Conservation Filmmaking: How to Make Films that Make a Difference is both a crucial guide for new filmmakers and a helpful energizer for experienced filmmakers.

Co-Author Piers Warren draws upon his wealth of experience as the Principal of the WildEYE International School of Wildlife Filmmaking to provide clear, helpful instructions for how to get started making documentaries.

Beyond production, planning, and important guidance leading to sources of funding, however, Conservation Filmmaking also encourages filmmakers to screen their films with the local audiences who can truly make a difference. Too often in our world of natural history entertainment foreign film crews come in to document the beauty of an area and neglect sharing what they’ve seen to inspire those who live in such areas to care for them in new ways. That’s one of the ways co-author Madelaine Westwood adds her experience to Conservation Filmmaking. As the founder of the Great Apes Film Initiative and the Pedal Powered Cinema Project, Westwood’s spent her career making sure people in remote areas have access to such film projects, and encourages all filmmakers to do the same. Conservation Filmmaking also includes advice for how to monitor the effectiveness of your films.

Conservation Filmmaking includes a comprehensive list of case studies of successful wildlife filmmakers and conservationists, showing how with the instructions included in this book and a great amount of passion, we can all make a difference whether you’re the head of media production for Greenpeace or if you just simply refuse to stand by as nature suffers, like 19-year-old Abbie Barnes. Founding members of Filmmakers for Conservation, Warren and Westwood close out the book promoting the ethical filmmaking guide FFC developed to ensure readers go out there with enthusiasm and restraint.


Cheers to Piers, Madelaine, and the crew at WildEYE for continuing to inspire, train, guide, and lead future conservation filmmakers to make a difference, and to continue to inspire the natural history industry to do more to protect biodiversity around the world.


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    How can I purchase a copy of this book (Conservation Filmmaking) for my grandson, who is interested in this field? We live in Lexington, Kentucky, USA.

    Thank you.

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