Amazon Sells Whale Meat


Language: English

Running time: 52 seconds

Conceived as a short, high-impact campaign film with the potential to go viral, Amazon Sells Whale Meat accompanied the release of the Environmental Investigation Agency report’s Unpalatable Profits on February 21, 2012.

The film is loosely structured after the opening sequence of 1974’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, replacing the high-pitched sound of a camera flashbulb recharging with a burst of whale song as a prelude to footage of the bloody reality of whaling, juxtaposing images of a mother and daughter viewing Amazon Japan pages of seemingly innocuous cetacean food products with images including the killing of pilot whales in the Taiji drive hunt and a fin whale being landed in Iceland.

Positive results:

Within hours of the campaign’s launch, the film was viewed thousands of times via a multitude of internet news sites and blogs, Facebook and Twitter which either embedded the film or linked to it.

Helping to spur tens of thousands of consumers to take action by protesting directly to Amazon and its CEO Jeff Bezos via emails, a petition, Tweets and postings on Amazon’s Facebook page, the film played a key role in speedily raising awareness of both the issue and the campaign.

In less than 24 hours, Amazon had contacted the vendors of cetacean products on Amazon Japan and all products were withdrawn.

Video Success: Amazon Removes Whale Meat


Produced by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA International)

Edited/Directed – Paul Redman
Written – Paul Newman
EIA Action Alert:
See ‘Amazon whale meat campaign: going behind the scenes:

By Jason Peters

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